40 years of Chemiebüro®

We thank you for your trust!


2022 marks the 40th anniversary of Chemiebüro®! With pride we look back on four successful decades, which would not have been possible without the loyalty and commitment of the employees and the loyal customers of Chemiebüro.
2019 Chemiebüro® is officially recognized as a training institution according to §11 ChemVerbotsV. Almost 2,000 supplier data records are now managed with the hazardous substance management program GemSy®.
2014 Chemiebüro® is once again expanding its team. In order to meet the increased space requirements, the new enlarged premises in the princely castle of St. Emmeram in Regensburg will be occupied in March.
2013 the SDB-Pool (MSDS Pool) is published, a new platform as the basis for a diverse online offering. Based on this, further applications will be developed, such as EasySDS, for the simple and fast creation of safety data sheets for private label products, or the SDB-Browser (MSDS Browser), for a clear presentation of safety data sheets. Application programming interfaces (API) enable users to import data directly from this platform into their own database, where they can, for example, evaluate it individually or process it further.
2007 safety data sheets are prepared according to a new, uniform regulation, 1907/2006/EC. This year also sees the start of development of GemSy®, a high-performance, multi-user software application that can be used to systematically manage hazardous substances. This is intended in particular to relieve the workload of occupational safety specialists. The following year sees the first practical use of GemSy®.
2002 marks the start of development of DocSafety®, a program for managing and creating hazardous material labels. In the following year, it is used for the first time in practice.
1996 the first Chemiebüro homepage goes online with DPA news from the chemical industry.
1995 is the year in which the location of Chemiebüro® is moved to the historical center of Regensburg. The safety data sheets are successfully created with CBsys.
1991 marks the beginning of the development of CBsys, a proprietary software for the creation of safety data sheets and the corresponding order processing.
           1982 a new service is launched. The company owner Detlef G. Schröder founds Chemiebüro® in the Rhine/Main area. An essential part of this service is the creation and maintenance of safety data sheets in compliance with regulations for the international distribution of chemical products.