DocSafety®- Create international hazardous material labels easily by yourself

We have developed DocSafety® so that you can create hazardous material labels highly efficiently and automatically. DocSafety® is a multi-user client-server application with database connection.

Extremely simple handling.

Faultless labeling. Using DocSafety® is conceivably simple, as the user no longer has to enter any content manually. The safety data are already stored in DocSafety® on the basis of the safety data sheets created.

All that remains is to select the product by article number or name, click on the target country and language - and the labels are generated.


Labeling can be semi-automatic or fully automatic.

  • semi-automatic by printing on self-adhesive films and manual application to the packages 
  • fully automatic by printing on self-adhesive foils and machine application

Great advantage:

Minimum storage. With DocSafety® , stock levels for international shipping can be reduced to a minimum. The stock contains pre-packaged products without labels. Only when the order is received are the labels created on a country-specific basis.