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EasySDB - Create safety data sheets simply by yourself

With EasySDB, you can easily create your own safety data sheets. Based on existing safety data sheets for your products, you can thus create additional safety data sheets for your private label products quickly, cost-effectively and in just a few steps. With EasySDB you get the following functions and options:

  • Change in product-specific information (product name, article number, GTIN).
  • Change of address-related information (company name, company address, technical responsibility, poison control number, company logo)
  • Administration of previously used addresses

The data basis for EasySDB is formed by safety data sheets commissioned and created by us. This means you can be sure that you will always create legally compliant safety data sheets. This is because the safety data sheets you create with EasySDB are based on the safety data sheets we create. This means that no data relevant to classification and labeling can be changed.

System requirements: To use EasySDB, all you need is a current Internet browser and an application for opening pdf documents. 

For more information, please contact us.