GEMSY® – Managing hazardous substances with a system

GemSy® is an intelligent, powerful and multi-user software tool that allows you to manage your hazardous substances systematically. In particular, this relieves the workload of your occupational safety specialist.

Smart features for highly efficient work:

  • Calculation of hazard analyses
  • Preparation and translation of operating instructions
  • Maintenance of documentation
  • Maintenance of the hazardous substances register (hazardous substances register)
  • Archiving of all supplier SDS and occupational safety documents
  • Input of workplace data
  • Assignment of personal protective equipment (PPE)Berechnung von Gefährdungsanalysen



  • Operating instructions are so easy to create with GemSy® because the SDS data and the selected PPE are already included.
  • Based on the integrated SDS data, a reliable hazard analysis can also be calculated.
  • With one click, operating instructions can be translated into almost any language.

During the development, findings from the EMKG ("Simple Measures Concept for Hazardous Substances") were also taken into account. Are you interested? We would be happy to introduce and present GemSy® to you at your company or online.