The development of our Chemiebüro®

2023 The further development of sdbb-browser begins. The layout and performance are the focus and are being optimized.
2022 Chemiebüro turns 40! We are proud of four successful decades of Chemiebüro and thank our employees for their loyalty and commitment and our customers for their trust.
2021 The backend of DocSafety® is updated online with data from the SDBPool. GemSy® supports occupational safety with over 3,000 verified records.
2020 Various APIs from the SDBpool supply customer databases with up-to-date data. With the online program EasySDB our customers are allowed to copy safety data sheets.
2019 Official recognition as a training institution according to §11 ChemVerbotsV. DocSafety® works with data from merchandise management programs. The hazardous substance management program GemSy® is now used to manage almost 2,000 supplier data records.
2016 Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.
2015 The new homepage goes online.
2014 The Chemiebüro expands its team again: In order to meet the increased space requirements, the new enlarged premises in the Princely Castle of St. Emmeram in Regensburg are occupied in March.
2013 The new online platform goes online as the basis for the diverse online offering.
2012 Our phrase catalog is expanded by 10 languages to 46.
2011 In November a new server is installed. Capacity approx. 2TB. Internet capacity for download and upload is expanded to maximum availability.
2008 First practical use of GemSy®.
2007 Safety data sheets are now created according to 1907/2006/EC. Start of the development of GemSy®.
2005 In Italy we have our own representative office.
2004 Conversion to a particularly powerful server.
2003 First practical use of DocSafety®.
2002 Start of the development of DocSafety®.
2000 In addition to safety data sheets in PDF format, data is now also delivered as extracts from elaboration data sets in customer format. Customers can use and develop internal processes such as hazardous materials shipping, label design using binding table data. Web links are provided for customers on the Internet. These can be integrated into customer homepages. The weblinks are now also part of many Internet stores.
1999 The phrase catalog is extended by 8 languages to 31.
1998 In addition to the standard version of the safety data sheet, customer-specific layout requests are realized. The phrase library is extended by 4 languages to 23.
1997 The phrase catalog is extended by 6 languages to 19.
1996 Publication of the first homepage with DPA news from the chemical industry.
1995 Moving of all offices to the old town of Regensburg. Dissolution of the Marburg location. Safety data sheets are created with CBSys. Documents are sent as e-mail attachments in PDF format.
1994 The phrase catalog is expanded by 8 languages to 13. CBSys is used as a beta version.
1992 Foundation of a branch office in Regensburg. Cooperation with the ad-hoc working group DIN 52 900-Phrase Catalog, at that time still located at Hoechst AG. The phrase catalog prepared by Chemiebüro with its translations was made available to the ad hoc working group. Conversion to the multi-page safety data sheet according to 91/155/EEC. First conversion tests with CBSys.
1991 Start of development of own software - CBSys - for preparation of safety data sheets including order processing.
1990 Safety data sheets are issued for the first time with the client's company logo. In addition, operating instructions and labeling texts are supplied.
1989 Move within Marburg into own company building. Additional assumption of the training of dangerous goods safety advisors, accreditation IHK Kassel. Additional activity as external dangerous goods safety advisor.
1988 Development of a phrase catalog with the translation languages English, French, Dutch and Spanish. Safety data sheets are prepared in these languages.
1986 Phrases are created using automation capabilities with PCText-3.
1985 First purchase of an IBM PC with PC-Text3 and DBase IV. Including printer, this purchase cost almost DM 24,000.00 at that time.
1984 Company relocation to Marburg.
1982 A new service is launched. The company owner, Mr. Schröder, founded the CHEMIEBÜRO® in the Rhine/Main area. Task: Fulfillment of regulations, as they must be observed in the international distribution of chemical products. An essential part of this service is the preparation of safety data­sheets and their maintenance.