Product notifications
Product notifications


We report your products.

Hazardous mixtures have to be reported harmonized within the EU via the ECHA portal since 01.01.2021. Save yourself the work and nerves. We take care of the product notifications for poison control notifications according to Art. 45 CLP.

As a manufacturer, importer or supplier of hazardous mixtures, you are obliged to report information to the ECHA portal according to Annex VIII of the CLP Regulation.

Deadlines for the following hazardous products:

  • Consumer products: from 01 January 2021
  • Products for professional use: as of 01 January 2021
  • Products for industrial use: as of 01 January 2024
  • Mixtures already notified to a national authority (for Germany BfR) before January 1, 2021: until January 01, 2025

In which language do I have to report?

In principle, notifications in the EU must be written in one of the respective official languages. Many countries also accept English. In Finland, however, reports must be made in Swedish and Finnish, for example. You can find a detailed overview here.



What fees are charged?

ECHA generally does not charge fees for notifications.

Fees are currently charged in Hungary, Italy and Belgium. For more information, please refer to the respective pages.