Limit value consulting
Limit value consulting

Because "corrosive" is not "irritating"

Limit value consulting for trouble-free marketing

Benefit from our limit value consulting. If a certain amount of hazardous substances is exceeded (limit value), this can have negative effects on the marketing of a product. If, for example, the classification "irritant" becomes "corrosive", target markets and consumers sometimes react sensitively.

It's not the formula, it's the dose that counts.

True to Paracelsus ("All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; it's the dose that makes it ..."), it is rarely the ingredients that make a product problematic, but their dosages.

The earlier, the cheaper.

Experience shows: The earlier you involve us in product development, the more favorable the effect on your development costs.

Benefit from our limit value consulting, because here, too, we are at your side with expertise and experience. We ensure that critical values and classifications are not reached or are undercut again.