API - Interface to current data

An Application Programming Interface (API) provides an interface for exchanging data between different systems.

Building Bridges with API: 

Our APIs enable users to import data directly from the database of the Chemiebürointo into their own database, where they can, for example, evaluate it individually or even process it further. The Data is transferred via an encrypted and thus secure file transfer protocol. Sensitive data is of course confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

The programming of an API is done by Chemiebüro on an supply basis. The essential components to be accessed via API are defined individually in advance according to the customer's requirements.


The following information on hazardous substances and mixtures can be very useful, for example, for evaluation or further processing by your own software:

  • Linking of current safety data sheets to an e-shop/customer portal etc.
  • Hazard statements (H phrases), precautionary statements (P phrases), signal word, GHS symbols.
  • Measures for first aid and fire fighting
  • Information on limit values (AGW or BAT)
  • Protective measures / personal protective equipment
  • Information on handling, storage, transport and disposal
  • Linking of current safety data sheets to an e-shop/customer portal etc.

All current data of an API from Chemiebüro are based on contents of relevant safety data sheets (MSDS). Therefore, before providing data, Chemiebüro has to create MSDS or at least to check them for up-to-dateness and plausibility. Chemiebuero ensures that the required data from the aforementioned MSDS are always currently available. Furthermore, Chemiebuero ensures sufficient storage capacity on the web database. Support services for the operation of the API are part of the scope of services.