Get to know our Chemiebüro ®

In 1982 Detlef G. Schröder founded Chemiebüro ® as the first service company in the field of chemicals law.

At that time, the focus was mainly on the preparation of safety data sheets for industry and trade. From this idea, Chemiebüro ® eventually developed into a family business that has been successful and internationally active for more than 35 years.

Since its foundation in 1982, our range of services has expanded continuously. In addition to safety data sheets, we now also offer various software solutions, product notifications, labeling templates, goods accompanying documents and workshops, among other things. Since then, we have always successfully supported our customers and their products in the areas of chemicals legislation, sales and hazardous substances management. For such an extensive service, a corresponding professional competence is indispensable.

In particular, the preparation of safety data sheets is required by law (according to REACH 1907/2006 Annex II Expertise / ChemG). Our employees have a comprehensive academic education in the field of chemistry. Technical knowledge is also constantly deepened and expanded through many years of professional experience, as well as through internal and external training measures.

Through our many years of activity in the most diverse areas of the chemical industry (construction, agriculture, automotive, WRM, ...), we have also been able to acquire an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of chemical law. In order to be able to guarantee the professional competence of our employees at all times, Chemiebüro® works exclusively without subcontractors or freelancers.

You can therefore be sure that we have the necessary expertise and that you are always in the best hands with us.